To All The Stars In The Sky

To all the stars in the sky,

It's me again. I need your help. Darkness is approaching me again. It's already wiped out all my friends and family. You guys are my only hope. Before, you told me if Darkness approaches me, only Sun can defeat it right? So here I am begging for your help. You can't deny me. Not after what happened last year. I still get nightmares only because you didn't care enough. My parents and friends didn't remember me. I had to start a new life because of treacherous Darkness. Even I couldn't remember who I was! His cage tortures me in ways you can't even imagine so trust me when I say this isn't a joke. You told me that I could have two wishes. I can't wish for Darkness to go away, he's too powerful. You know that. So this is my first wish. Help me contact Sun. I’m not prepared to relive last year. So either grant me my wish or never hear from me again. I know you have no power without me, so your only option is to grant me the wish.


I closed my book and sat in the corner of my black room. My vision was blurry but I could still see Darkness.

"Come here," he whispered, creeping up closer on the floor like black vines of a tree.

"No," I spoke in a soft but strong voice. He retracted his darkness.

"Come here," he tried again, coming closer and closer.

"No," I repeated.

"Fine," he said under his breath. He went back again then fell into a deep sleep leaving me trapped in the corner of my bedroom with darkness enveloping me.

I looked out my window to see the clouds covering the stars. All the stars, trying hard to shine through, but the clouds stealing their spotlight. The moon, enemy to all, was still shining through the clouds casting an eerie light over the small street.

I closed my eyes for only a second and I fell into a slumber.

In the darkness of my dream, a man appeared in the middle of a black planet. It took time but I realised that the planet was Earth. I could feel tears sting my cheeks as I stared at him. 'Who is he?' I wondered as I walked closer.

"He is Darkness," a voice replied.

"Darkness has captured the world?" I said, voice breaking.

"Yes. But not unless you find Sun. We need him to defeat Darkness. You very well know that you are the only person to save the world."

"NO! It can't be! I can't do it by myself! I can't! I can't—"

I woke up gasping for air. My room was filled with sunlight, as usual. I looked onto my bedside table to see my diary opened up to the first page. Blank again. I snatched a pen from my drawer and began scribbling on the page.

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