KABLOOM! The ground shook as the top of our roof was blasted off. “You have 5 minutes to leave” boomed the attackers “otherwise we will destroy you.” Bullets zoomed through bloodshot air. Then everything went silent. A luminescent figure appeared in the centre of the smoky, burning room and in a shaky voice whispered to me, “I can help you. Find the docks of the gods. This will guide you!” A heavy golden, steel encrusted object appeared in my hand. Then the ghost and the attackers dissipated. I peered at the object. It looked like an oversized golden compass. The base had been carved with intricate designs. The needle was jagged diamond encrusted steel and it had paintings of great ships on one side and towering temples on the other. The needle pointed to the ships, but the picture of the temples reminded me of something. A picture on the wall outside my bedroom. I quickly ran to the picture. Under it was quoted: The temples of the gods. I was amazed...Gods don’t exist.


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