The Dark White

The darkness of the Everend Forest engulfs the light of the morning sky and my thoughts are perplexed by the whispers of the ancient End-trees. All are at peace and I grin. The End-tree folk also grin with their fine sharp teeth, in reflection, to show they are content with how things are and always have been. I finish an apple from earlier with a satisfying crunch, letting the juices seep between my teeth as I feel them sharpen and soften. I always ensure I give my apple core, or any seeds, to the tree-folk so that more trees can be planted and produce fruit for the Living Kind.

All is balanced.
Until it isn’t. What is that burning light hurtling through the far-away trees? It cannot be the Sun, as this is the place of the Moon, where we thrive with bioluminescence. No star can fly causing red fires from its speed. I stare into its void-like nothingness, attempting to gain answers; but the only reassurance I get is that it means destruction. I plead to the tree-folk to flee – but they do not value self-preservation, only the preservation of the forest. They cover the trees’ fruit with their sleek arms so that the trees may still leave a legacy while I run to warn the Far Forest.

The white void and red fire consume all in their path, leaving only bleak emptiness in the Ellarch Forest in the distance and my dear Everend Forest. I only know of one thing capable of these horrors – the Dark White. It has reigned on the Endark World before. I was very young and all I remember is seeing everything beautiful engulfed by evil before I, a multi-dimensional human being who takes preference in the Endark World rather than Ambesent (which human residents call ‘Earth’), fell into a Portal Box and was hurtled thousands of years into the future of Ambesent. Thus, I missed the war altogether. Although I do remember, that the only thing that vanquished that Dark White was the resolution of the problem that caused it in the first place. That time it was caused by a war starting when the Orderkings exploited their power and forced all non-registered beings to leave their homeland. This endangered all forests, as all forest caretakers like tree-folk and Dobrinken (nourishers of soil and vegetables who like to take on the form of a clown) were deemed non-registered. The solution was simple; give… not take.

As I run to warn other forests, I am determined to figure out who started this great imbalance. The Orderkings now have strict rules and limits to their power, so it can’t be them. What is fearfully strange is that there is no official war. So either, it was a small Ordertribe rebelling against the Peacekeepers, or the unimaginable… the keepers of peace themselves.

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