Give Me Back My Cookie!

“GET YOUR OWN COOKIES!” I screamed. There was a girl with headphones on listening to Spy Girls stealing my cookies! She takes another one. “AHHH, THESE ARE MINE! STOP!”
50 Years Ago…
When I was a young man, I scalped down the counter at the supermarket. I could not believe my eyes! At the end of the counter, there was… A vending machine! AND THERE WERE…COOKIES IN IT!
I ran at it, inserted the coin into it. They came out. I ate them. THE END! Just kidding! They only came halfway out! I ran at it and I ran and I ran, but they weren't coming out! I was getting angry! Was this a joke? If it was then it was getting old really fast!
Then..... They came out. I sculled down out of the supermarket, ready to catch my train.
I sprinted to my train, I was going to miss it! Suddenly I dashed toward it! I sat down next to a girl wearing headphones. Boy I had no idea how much trouble she would be.
I put down my cookies and ate one. Then the girl ate one and I was like “Umm excuse me, those are mine or you could just ask for one.” I think she didn’t hear me because she took another one, “Please stop taking my cookies without asking.” I said, she didn’t hear me again because she took one again! “GET YOUR OWN COOKIES!” I screamed. The girl with headphones listening to Spy Girls took another cookie. “Ahh, these are mine. Stop! These are the best cookies in the world and mine!” She gave me half a cookie. “No! I want a full cookie but it does not matter! You ate all of them!” Then I moved seats. As I sat down something red fell out of my bag. I groaned. It was the cookies that I was yelling and screaming about. It dawned on me. Suddenly I felt bad. I had stolen the girl’s cookies. Then I cried at my stop.

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