Life Of A Wolf

(____=your choice)
Patches: Today is the day!
Oh, hi there?! My name is Patches and I’m four and a halve months old and today I’m going on my first hunting trip! Come on! Let’s go see my mum!
Patches’ mum: Who is this?
You: My name is __________ I’m a friend of Patches.
Patches: Mum I was wondering if __________ could come with us on our hunting trip?
Patches’ mum: Only if they want to.
You: Sure!
Narrator: The hunt was successful you, Patches and the other pups caught a hare each, whilst the adults of the pack worked together to bring down an elk. After a feast on elk and hare the pack had some well-earned rest. When dawn broke you arose from your slumber, the pack was just about to leave for another hunt.
You: You’re leaving us?
Patches’ mum: We’ve encountered a bear on a hunt last night after you went to bed, we don’t want you to get hurt.
You: Can someone stay? What if the bear comes here or the other pups wake?
Alpha male: You can stay Yoki. This pup is right. If anything would happen to them…
Yoki/Patches’ mum: Are you sure sir?
Alpha male: Yes. Let’s move out pack!
Narrator: The other pups wake late in the night and Yoki is starting to worry…the pack still hasn’t returned.
You: Yoki when are the pack returning?
Yoki/Patches’ mum: I …don’t know.
You: Can we go look for them?
Narrator: All the pups start howling in agreement.
All the pups: Look for pack! Look for pack!
Yoki/Patches’ mum: I guess we can go have a quick look for them, but you pups have to stay near me. No running off!
Narrator: Yoki stops in her tracks she sees the pack but then she notices before her lay a wolf corpse. The pack tells her about the bear attack, not realising all the pups behind her listening on to their conversation.

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