The 15th Spray

It was a dark and frightening night at the 15th scary fright! We call it this for multiple reasons, every half of the year something scares the living daylight in me. Things start creaking and people start. “Come here Nerson! Time for dinner, time for dinner!” Shouts mum. “Mum!” I scream, “I’m trying to tell a story to my viewers!” “Suit yourself starve to death then!” Exclaims Mum.
“Anyway, back to what I was saying people, start…”
“Ahhrgh!” Mum screeched, I come rushing down but then I see plates broken and a finger, and a note saying, ‘read me’.
‘Hello my dear! I’ve taken your Mum to chamber and I want to say your mum will be happy starving to death! I hope you’ll have a wonderful time and tell your dad his wife loves him!’ The 15th Spray.
I go running down to the basement to tell what just happened to my dad, but as I got there, I got the heebie-jeebies, thinking about what I saw.
“D, D, Da, Dad?!?!” And I stutter my lips and I close my eyes at what I am seeing.
As I see my dad sprayed in brown hanging on the ceiling, I call the ambulance and then faint.
1 year later…
I wake up in a death bed as they thought I would die, I wake up with a nurse next to me, then the lady screams with joy as I wake up.
“He’s awake! He’s awake!”
Then I have memories of the 15th spray.
“Wake up, wake up!” The lady screams, you’ve been asleep for an entire year meaning 365 days, and that means 8,760 hours or 525,600 minutes or 31,536,000 seconds and here, a cake, it was your birthday and here, a present from Christmas and anyway Merry Christmas!”
I giggle away for how much time she spent saying the paragraph. She gave me a picture frame of me and my happy family as they think they are gone.
Then I keep getting bad memories of a nice happy family and…
“Thank you it’s a very nice present thank you!” I said while thinking I should leave this hospital and save my mum for this is my last piece of family it’s all I have.
The lady leaves at last and so I take my water pitcher and take off my clean shirt and put my old shirt on and set on my adventure.
Mum! I will not give up on you!

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