Wonder, wonder, wondering. ‘Isla, Isla, ISLA.’ ‘Yes Mrs.’ ‘What are you
reading?’ said Mrs. ‘Wonderland.’ ‘Ok read it then.’ ‘Yes Mrs.’ Wonder,
wonder, wondering more wondering, thinking now. ‘Ok kids lesson is over now
have a great rest of your day and I will see you tomorrow.’ ‘What that was
quick. ‘You must have been to focus into your book.’ ‘Yeeeeeea. Isla did not
mean that, she thought that the book makes your wonder. Isla did not even
know that she had a book in her hand her eyes were open, but she could not
see a thing it was just black.
During lunch time Isla was wondering why she was doing all that wondering.
Isla did not know what was going on. During her writing time she wrote about
how she was doing all that wondering. Then she had this idea that she should
write a book about wondering so every reading and writing time Isla will write
about her wondering.
And when Isla finished, she thought that bit that was her first chapter and then
she moved on to the next and then the next, until she reached chapter 14.
When she was asked by her writing teacher what is it you’re finishing? and Isla
said I think it is time to finished.


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