Love, Eternal

1st in the 'The Write Note 2021' competition

But, like water, our love is unwavering
We are still moving, flowing, and drowning each other
There is nothing melancholy about it; it is heartbreaking and chaotic
Then there are the times when we have our best days
The days when our love feels flawless and we are more in love than ever
These are the days that will feel great at first, but then hurt the worst
Because at night, as the sun sets and the water settles, we're drifting apart
And when today turns into yesterday, I know we won't be able to resist
We'll revert to the pair we once were, breaking quietly and crashing into each other
Not realising we’re only hurting ourselves
We will scream and experience joy
And just like that when the sun slips over to the other side of our earth
And it is no longer in our hearts to insight hate
Our waters will become calm again and we will once again be lovers

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