Don't Tick Till You Tock

There is something under my bed or somewhere in my bedroom but I still don’t know where it is. I hear it every night. I don’t know what it is, I try to go closer to it but it is too scary and, in the dark, it sounds loud, it kind of sounds like a clock.
“LEA COME DOWN THE STAIRS YOUR FRIENDS ARE HERE,” yelled mum. “I’M COMING,” I yelled back to her.
Coco and Milo crept past mum’s bedroom, they crept into my room to hear the constant loud noise that sounds like this tick tock, tick tock. They went past my wardrobe and under my bed to a secret compartment that I didn’t know existed.
“What’s that tick tock noise?” Said Kay Ia.
“I don’t know, I hear it every night,” I answered back.
“Uh that’s creepy.” Olivia said to us.
They unpacked their stuff and we went outside. “Lea where are the dogs?” Olivia asked me.
“I don’t know,” I answered back to Olivia.
“Let’s go on an adventure to find the dogs,” Kayla said in excitement. “YES, GREAT IDEA” Olivia and I yelled.
“GIRLS DINNER,” mum yelled. We went inside to eat dinner. Meanwhile Coco and Milo snuck out of their secret area and came downstairs.
“There you dogs are,” I said. We went back upstairs once we have all finished eating. Coco and Milo followed us upstairs into my room. “I’m sleepy,” I said as I dozed off. “Good night,” the girls said.
Moving Day
We had nearly cleared out all the furniture in our house and we are about to leave until I see a hole in my bedroom floor. I don’t know why it’s there or how it got there. I looked down it and see Coco and Milo crying with the neighbour’s dogs.
“Coco, Milo do you have anything to say for yourselves?” I said in a shocked voice. They looked up at me. “Woah what is this?” I said as I start going down in the hole. As I went down the hole, the tick tock noise starts getting louder.
TICK TOCK, TICK TOCK. I am finally in the hole and then it came to me.
“Oh that was the tick tock noise the beat of the music ha-ha” I laughed. We left to go to the new house. As we are in the car, I fell asleep.
“Wake up Lea,” mum said.
As I started to wake up, I asked. “Are we at the new house yet?” As I am still half asleep.
“Yes, we are.” Mum said.
We went inside and we looked around the house. We looked in all the rooms except the master room. We went inside and as soon as we walked in, we hear a cling clang noise. “Not again,” I said disappointed.
“What’s that noise Lea?” Mum asked me.
“Oh nothing,” I said back, as I looked down at the dogs.
To be continued…

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