Are Pirates Real?

When I was a little girl, I loved pirates and when I was 5, I thought to myself ‘Are pirates real?’ I’m 11 and still haven’t found the answer!
I heard a soft rustle in the garden. What could it be? I made a decision to see what was there. I moved through the bushes and found a chest full of GOLD!
Imagine, I can buy a helicopter or a big yacht. I was having so much fun daydreaming until mum interrupted, “Mia darling it’s time for dinner.”
“Coming mum,” I moaned. I moved the gold and found a diary and a map with it. The diary belonged to Captain Luke. My mind was thinking ‘I know I’ve heard of that name.’ Then it hit me, we learned about him in history class, he was a pirate and when 54 he hid somewhere. It must have been in our garden. I looked at the map and it was a map to Atlantic City, I wish I could go to Atlantic City.
Mia was on quest to Atlantic City.
Wow! Mia looked around saw a skeleton and it said, “Hi, I’m Bob. Please turn right and your quest will begin.”
Mia turned right. It was not an easy walk as there were flying arrows, sharks, snakes and axes coming out of nowhere! She finally reached her second point this time she had to go on a ship.
Mia thought she could relax but she was so wrong the ride was bumpy and dizzy. Mia was so dizzy that she vomited, YUCK!
Mia arrived at her third point that’s where she met Boris the sea monster. “Hello there, I’m Boris and today you’re going to swim on my back. They swam away and reached the fourth point which was scary because it was dark and full of skulls and webs.
Mia was so scared but she knew she had to do it. She closed her eyes and ran through, Mia looked back and was still scared. She saw a bridge and walked on the bridge which looked at the ocean.
She saw a shark and screamed. It had a long fin and said. “Are you on a journey to Atlantic City?”
“Yes,” Mia replied.
“Well I can help you.” Said the shark.
“I forgot to ask what your name is?”
“Captain Luke,” said the shark as he transformed back into a ghost.
“Wow!” I said.
“Would you come with me to Atlantic City?” Suggested Captain Luke.
“I would love to.” I said.
They went on Captain Luke’s old ship and sailed across the seven seas. It was very wobbly and unsteady. After a long time, they finally arrived at Atlantic City! Captain Luke and Mia had so much fun, Mia said “Can I stay with you?” But Captain Luke said “No…” POOF!!!
Mia was back home and she found her answer, pirates are real.

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