The Adventure

“Help! My wife is having a baby,” yelled dad. Suddenly all the doctors and nurses in the hospital ward came rushing over to help, very soon Ben had a new baby sister called Liz. That night mum went over to the crib that Liz was in and she said, giving a necklace to her “If you are ever in trouble this will give you courage.”
One Year Later
“Mum I’m bored what can I do?” Called out Ben.
“Go out to the park and play,” called out his mum.
“But I don’t want to go to the park I want to play ninjas,” Ben yelled. “Take Liz to the park or I will disintegrate your ninjas. OK,” said mum to Ben. “Ok” said Ben with frustration.
Ben picked up Liz and slowly walked out the door, but he instead went to a dark alley. They saw two girls living there, Alex and June. They saw that they were wearing ripped clothes and they were as skinny as a bone. Ben and Liz asked, “What are you doing on the street?”
“Well, we lost our parents and now we live on the streets.”
“Well,” said Ben. “I guess we could help you find your parents if...” Ben was interrupted by Liz, “Elp, elp” she said.
“Yes” said June. So, they set off on the very long journey to find Alex and June’s parents. But what they didn’t know was that Liz’s necklace controls the wind and people wanted it for bad things. The first place they went was a jungle and on the way, they met Bob. “I want the wind jewel,” he said.
“What are you talking about? We have never heard of the wind jewel,” Ben said.
“Ha, ha, you’re right. It’s on the girl’s neck,” he said angrily.
“Wait you mean Liz’s necklace, don’t you?” Ben said to him.
“Well, do you see any jewel on her neck?”
“No, but I thought it was a ruby not a gem.” Ben said back.
“Well guess what you were wrong,” he said. Thinking fast Alex grabbed the wind jewel and tried to use it but it wouldn’t work.
“Ha only the baby can use it” Bob said laughing. Alex gave the necklace back to Liz and Liz said “Zapy.” Just then the wind chased Bob out of the jungle.
“We can’t give up, we haven’t found our parents yet,” exclaimed June.
“You’re right,” Ben said. “We can’t give up yet!” As soon as Ben finished talking, they heard snoring. “Zzzzzzz” went Liz as they all burst out laughing.
Finally after three hours of searching Alex said, “I guess we can go now because it looks like our parents are nowhere to be seen.”
“We don’t want to get you in any more danger than you already are,” said Ben. “Yeah, I think we should go home and we can ask our parents if you can live with us.” They went home and guess what their parents said, “YES!”

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