Big Vacation

“Everyone come into the car time to leave home and go to the airport.” Said Mum. It was to Singapore and a boat took them to Indonesia. Mum was very worried they wouldn't be there in time. The airplane will depart at 2:00 so we have to be there 1 hour early. We will grab some snacks and have an explore because this is the first time they have been on an airplane. There were 5 kids on the airplane. It was going to be very tough to get all of them on. It was a long way to Singapore. It was 7 hours to Singapore. The kids were tired when they got onto the airplane, so they slept 2 hours and the other 5 hours they played on their iPads, iPods or computer.
Then they got to the other airport and had a big stretch. We went to the gardens by the bay. It was fantastic but then half an hour later the boat arrived and the boat took us to a bus. Then when we arrived and saw the view was amazing, I loved it and couldn't wait to go into the pool. So, we went to our 2 rooms connected and got our rooms to share a bedroom and we got into our bathers, and it was so nice. Then it was night after a huge day. I had the best sleep ever. There was a buffet that was open 24/7. And I snuck out of our room at midnight and had a midnight feast. It was delicious. The next morning for breakfast we had chocolate waffles and ice cream mmmmmm.
Until lunch we went to kids club first there we did puzzles then watched a movie next we played tag then went on the trapeze then went swimming after we had a shower at the toilet block it was fun, we all had a great time. I had nuggets and chips for lunch. For the rest of the afternoon we did some drawing/colouring all the girls went swimming for about half an hour. Then after all of drawing, colouring, swimming and sleeping they left their rooms to go to the buffet for dinner. “Kids it is time to go back to the airport because it has been 2 weeks now time went so fast, didn’t it?” All the kids said “Aw,” but they were also excited to go home. Meanwhile…
Yes! It took a long time to get home it took like 7 hours.

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