The Cave

Deep in the dark pitch black cave
You hear the noises from whom we are unable to say
No one is brave enough to go in the ominous cave
As to what lies in there, we don’t know how it behaves.
Is the creature a myth, is it real.
But what happened to the children, when the whole night stopped still
When they worried about them, where could they have gone
The family was devastated, the family is now forever torn.
What could the creature be, is it one of a kind
Sneak around quietly and attack from behind
Or do we know about them, perhaps they’re not new
Or is it supposed to be extinct, could there even be 2.
All we know is that children went missing that one silent night.
When it took the whole world by a fright
The ancient religion, could it be true Is there a creature, is it coming for you.

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