Kobe Bryant

“SHOOT! SHOOT! SHOOT!” *SWlSH* *BEEP* “AND ANOTHER EPIC GAME FROM KOBE BRYANT!!!” “AND ONE!” Shouts Koby’s coach. “Huff, puff, yeah! LET’S GET IT!” Shouts Kobe in such excitement. “What a game! 156-102!” Says Kobe Bryant, huffing. But it was all just a dream. Kobe was at a small age, about the age of 10, and he just loved basketball. He was training basketball every day since the time he could shoot a goal. And that was only when he was at age 5.
From that day on, he kept on training. And when he became 13 years old, he signed up for the Casey Cavaliers. And once he did, he was a much better player, he was an unpredictable good player. He would swish all his shots and everyone would scream. And Kobe loved it. So, he thought he would become an NBA in the future. After the match, he went home, ate his dinner and went to bed.
While he was sleeping, he dreamt that he would beat every single team in the whole universe, but he wasn’t 100% sure about it. He knew that there were many players out there and MIGHT be able to beat him. But he never gave up. He kept on training with his coach, dad, his self and even when he woke up at 8am. He played until 10am. Sometimes his dad watches him. Sometimes he joined playing with him. And maybe even sometimes he slept in. But he knew that something in his son’s head knew basketball was perfect for him.
When Kobe Bryant turned the age of 16, he grew stronger and taller. He could even shoot from his forehead! A shot like that costs a LOT of practice.
Now, was his next match. He was in his Cavaliers jersey on a Friday night match. He was happy to be with his team. The team he was against was called ‘FROGS’. But Kobe’s team wasn’t scared. They weren’t scared because Kobe was such a master at basketball, they weren’t scared. So wasn’t Kobe. At the start of the match, they did the main ‘ball up’ for every game. Kobe was the tallest in his team so they let Kobe do the ball up. His team was around the circle. And the other team was choosing players and saying out their numbers to their coach. The tallest player on the ‘FROGS’ team was a player called Max. Kobe and Max were at the same height.
Then, the referee starts talking. “Dark team to my right, light team to my left. 3, 2, 1...”
*TWEET!* And the game has started. Kobe reached for the ball and hits it to his side of his team. Then a player from his team named Jack passed it to Kobe, and Kobe reached for the goal and gets it in. The people in the ‘FROGS’ team already feel scared. So that went on for the rest of the game. Kobe was a god.
The End


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