Fruit Attack

At the MCG on a warm winter’s night, they played the biggest game of the decade. The clash between the Bulldogs and team Fruit!
This was a semi-final and both teams were filled with talent. The two teams entered the MCG with a roar of the crowd! Everyone was shouting so you couldn’t understand who or what they were cheering for!
Five minutes until game time…
“It is time for the National anthem," said Scomo.
The National Anthem started playing and both teams were shoulder to shoulder ready for the big day ahead. The National Anthem ended in a roar of the big crowd shouting, “C’MON!” whoever they barracked for.
When it started to spit and drizzle with rain, everyone knew the ball was going to be slippery.
The game was underway! In the ruck was Banana and Tim Boyd. Banana lost the ruck, so he got frustrated. The ball has been in the Bulldogs possession for the past 10 minutes, the score was 12-0. Team Fruit finally got a tackle, so the umpire threw the ball up, sailing through the air like a vortex whistling.
Banana jumped up and actually won the tap out! Banana landed on his feet but within five seconds he fell to the ground with a thud!
"HE HAS HAD A HEART ATTACK!" screamed Cameron Ling in the commentator’s box.
The medics came to the ground with a stretcher. They ran to Banana like Usain Bolt and asked, “What happened?”
Banana replied with “I got the tap O-O-U-T-T,” he said in a shaky voice. So that didn’t make the situation easier.
It was the end of the third quarter and Cam Mooney was waiting at the entrance of Team Fruit. Team Fruit finally came out, but they had black tape on their arm, Cam Mooney asked Captain Carrot why they had the shining, glistening black tape on.
Carrot replied, "Banana died so we are going to enter this stadium and end this game by going hard on em!"
"Ok?” said Cam Mooney in confusion.
The ball was bounced in the centre for the fourth time of the match.
Orange pushed Tim Boyd and the umpire gave Tim Boyd a free kick. Orange didn’t like that decision so he pushed the umpire; the ump pushed him back. Back and forth it went until… Donald Trump arrived and built a wall between them. Then Kim Jong Un came and blew up the MCG with nuclear missiles.
Everyone died, although one survived???...

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