The White And Pink Fox

I woke up, water splashing my hot face. I put my hand to my forehead. BLOOD!
I sat up and saw a massive waterfall but where had the blood came from? I saw little paw prints leading to the river then standing on top of a big rock was a white fox, well partially white. It had a big pink splat on its back and tiny little purple dots on its tail and green swirls all over its legs.
It was staring at my arm. I followed its gaze, it was looking at my hand. As I stared at my hand I was filled with disbelief. I had a massive scratch from my thumb to my pinkie. I turned my attention back to the fox, it had changed colour. It was now a glowing fluorescent green. It slowly walked towards my hand and licked it. I stared at the fox and then at my hand. Both were changing, my hand was healing and the fox was changing to a brilliant red colour.
Without warning it stood up and said. “Hello.” It turned blue and yellow and started scampering away.
“Wait!” I called running after it. As I ran, I saw so many different colours falling out of the fox. While it was running it was a bright orange then like an old piece of paint it peeled off the fox’s body smashing into me. I felt a sensational tingle going through my body then I stared at my hands and my legs. I was turning the same type of orange as the fox, well as the fox used to be.
It was now a light magenta with pink love hearts going from big to small from the top to the tail of the fox. I ran and ran trying to catch up. Suddenly, I didn’t even feel like I was running anymore. I felt like I was flying then I realised I was flying. if you ever have flown before it feels like your invincible and you can run away and no one will ever be able to find you, but I knew this moment wouldn’t last forever.
I knew in a moment I would plummet to my death. I was flying at least 30 metres above the land and then I remembered the fox. I glanced, it looked like it was walking along a fence. It was walking in the air and its tail was dead straight and pointing up. Its tail swayed and then I SWAYED TOO!
I realised that if the tail was up, I would fly, the tail swayed I would sway and the tail moved then I would move. I would just hope it didn’t flop and as if it read my mind, it flopped and then I fell into the waterfall. Splash, splash it went then I heard my name and I opened my eyes. I was in the pool at my own home. Sleep won’t come so easy next time.

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