Why Baby Cats Are Great Pets To Have In Your Life

I think that baby cats are great pets because they are so damn cute and I’m sure that a lot of people would agree with me. I know that my mum is a big dog person but I know some people that absolutely just love to have baby cats, mostly because they are cute and also because they will not rip up your curtains well not until they’re adults, at least I think that anyway.
I know that when I grow up that I will surely be buying myself a kitten because they are just that damn cute. And I know that I can’t resist them because of their cuteness and also because I just love the way that they play with their little kitty toys, it is irresistible and again - cute. I just wish that cats could be even cuter than they already are, but how could that happen because cats are too cute already?
What if cats were cuter? Now you might be thinking - how could that happen, cats can’t get any cuter they’re cute enough as they are? Well, if you thought that, then you are completely wrong because what if cats had more toys that made them look cuter, like a mouse that runs around, or a toy wind up bird, or even a ball of yarn with a thing that makes it work and move.
This is a true story about a cat that I know and hope that you enjoy it...
Once upon a time there was a cat that was called Lilly and she must have been left on the street or something because this nice lady came up to her and wonderfully and lovingly took her in. She took her to the vet to see if she could see who she belonged to but the vet could not find a microchip, so this nice lady took her home, but before she left, the vet said that the cat was pregnant and was just a few weeks from giving birth to about 8 little kittens.
After about 3 weeks, Lilly the cat gave birth to around 8 little kittens which was really cute. She kept one and just gave the rest away to people who wanted them and gave some to her friends. She got some money for them but the one she did keep was really cute and I know that I love him, she named him Clark and after about 1 week he was still just a baby. After 3 weeks he was getting pretty big and cute and now he is massive and is super cute. I know that I just wanted to pick him up and take him home but I did not do that - I left him and that is my story.
The End


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