He Was The Embodiment Of A Lost Soul

He was the embodiment of a lost soul. The deep blue of his eyes hiding the
tormenting past that threatened to overtake him at any moment. Broken. A
spirit that was once filled with so much happiness, light and joy torn apart. The
pain never stopped. When his mind wasn't being flooded with traumatic
flashbacks, he was isolating himself from the world, hiding away where he
could just disappear. He didn't feel emotion anymore, his heart a stone,
unfeeling, incapable of love. The monster the government had created
threatened to consume him and his vulnerability only made him more
susceptible to their grasp.
His tears ran hot and fast, staining his flushed cheeks and falling from his
stubble adorned chin. The voices never stopped. They tore him apart and they
were relentless. The echoes of his victims ceased to vacate. Just knowing that
he was the reason for all of those deaths shattered him. He balled his fists up,
knuckles white with tension, sweat beading loosely on his hairline. Liam had
always told him that it wasn't his fault. At the back of his mind Sam knew that,
but he had blood on his hands, and ultimately he was held responsible. The
carousel of pain never stopped. Any sense of normality that had been mended
was gone.
The passing of Liam Branch had torn down the protective barriers Sam had
created and sent waves of guilt surging through his already feeble mind.
Sam stood up begrudgingly and tore out of the room, desperate to escape the
vicious thoughts threatening to consume him. His loud, pained strides echoed
in all directions, filling the hallway with a buzzing sense of desperation.
His hair whipped behind him as he formed a rhythm, arms and legs moving in
perfect harmony. He didn't have a plan as to where he was going, just that he
needed to get away, he needed to run, to escape.He reached the balcony and doubled over, collapsing into an emotional heap
on the cold floor. This wasn't living.
He was tucked behind a large ceramic pot, hidden away from the entrance of
the balcony.
That's when he saw her.
A petite girl, about 5'4", looking over the balcony railing with her arms crossed
delicately. Her shoulder length brown locks curling and winding in the wind
and her nose dusted with blush. The moonlight danced across her
cheekbones, highlighting the gentle curves of her beautifully sculpted face.
Sam parted his lips slightly and admired her. She radiated a sense of
tranquility that he hungered for. A feeling of peace.
You're a monster. She'd only fear you.
He tilted his head back, making contact with the wall as he shut his eyes


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