One day a little boy called Mike was packing his bag for his first day back at school. He was so excited that he almost forgot his lunch. “Honey, Mike come on let’s go!” “Ok,” he said. He rushed downstairs but then “Mike did you remember to wear your glasses?” Said his mum. “Oops sorry I forgot.” He quickly ran back in his room, picked up his glasses and ran back to his mum.
“Hurry up we’re late!” Mike opened the front door and hopped in the car. Mike’s mum drove as fast as she could because he was late. “Yes, I’m not late!” He opened the door and hurried to his classroom. Once he finally reached his class, his teacher was just marking the role. “Mike!” Shouted the teacher. “Here Miss!” He replied. As the teacher continued on with the role Mike noticed Henry Martin was laughing along with his friends while pointing at Mike.
He noticed they were making funny gestures that looked like they were making glasses out of their fingers. He knew they were making fun of him. “Miss, I need to go to the bathroom.” “Sure, go ahead?” She said with a hint of confusion because Mike never wanted to get out of class as he doesn’t want to miss anything valuable. Mike didn’t feel well, he felt like he was getting bullied because this was now happening on a daily basis.
As he walked out of the bathroom, he realised it was recess time. He rushed to his class to get his snack when he saw Henry standing at the front door waiting for him as he cracked his knuckles and stretched his arms. Mike ran the opposite direction of Henry at full speed. Henry started chasing him, Henry was running as fast as Flash (not really). Mike stopped because he thought he’d lost him but, I mean why would he think that? Mike stopped so hard he tripped and scraped his knee. “OW!” Screamed Mike. Henry stood there laughing and eventually walked away but Mike sat there in pain.
Ding, ding! The bell rang as Mike slowly got up. Mike slowly limped all the way to his class. Once he got there, he saw Henry rubbing his eyes as well as packing his bag. Mike entered the class to see Henry was going home because he was having trouble with his eyesight. Mike walked up to the teacher and asked if he could get a Band-Aid. She came back with a Band-Aid in her hand. She bent down and gently placed the Band-Aid on Mike’s knee. “Thank you.” Replied Mike as he walked back to his desk waiting for the next few instructions.
The next day when Mike walked in the class, he noticed Henry wearing glasses. This was a shock, Mike couldn’t believe it. As he sat down Mike saw all of Henry’s friends were being mean towards Henry. “Cut it out!” Yelled Mike. “Why are you helping me, after all that I’ve done to you?” “Because I believe you should treat people the way you want to be treated.”


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