The Trash Factory

Part 1 I Eat Trash
Roli woke up his friends to tell them the trash factory is open.
“Yes!” Screamed Jonsey. They ate pancakes with honey, ice cream, chocolate and cream. “Everyone is gonna work there in two seconds!” Exclaimed Kondor. BANG!
“SPARE MY EARS!” Screamed Jack. (Jack is a 15 year old boxing champion! His friends consist of Roli, Jonsey, James and Tissue Man, and if you’re wondering, it is a nickname.) They take a look at what that was and they see a dangerous outlaw that’s name is Dr. Ecinstein. (He’s a doctor of being an idiot. He tries to wipe out the human race although he is a human.) “Why is he laughing maniacally?” Questioned Roli.
“I have no idea because I am trying to write a journal!” Exclaimed Jonsey.
“Thanks Jonsey you’re gonna get us killed!” Exclaimed James at the top of his lungs. Dr. Ecinstein was setting up some portal next to the trash factory.
Part 2 Hello Darkness
The group ran into the trash factory.
“Welcome to the trash factory. What can I get you?” Asked the bot changing tones. The bot hovered, made with scraps of cars. The President of America came through a portal. Soon he disappeared.
“If he is annoying impeach him” Roli sarcastically said. Roli is a robot.
Jonsey is an agent but went to the seven. “Why are we here?” Asked James. James is a YouTuber.
Part 3 Encounter with Dr Nothing
VOOMP! A portal opened. You could faintly see the underworld.
“The underworld looks way cooler!” Screamed Roli.
“So much fire!” Screamed Jones.
Ecinstein said the words “Death for all!”
The underworld is a place where doing good things is illegal. It’s every “human” for themselves. And no mercy.
“The haven is so much better!” Screamed Jones. Everybody knew that. CLICK! KABOOM! Ecinstein shot a staple gun at Roli. ‘That wasn’t very effective.’ Thought Roli.
“How?” Questioned Ecinstein.
“I’m a robot dude!” Screamed Roli. Jones pulls out a rift gun and makes a rift. Ecinstein threw it out his hands. CLANG!
“Ha!” Exclaimed Ecinstein. BANG! Ecinstein was hit by a flare gun.
“Ha Dr. Dumb!” Kondor screamed. He tried to fire while confiscating the rift gun. BOOM! Roli and Kondor punched him to the moon. The rip off of the moon, never to be seen for now.
Part 4 Chilling
“Be ready for his return guys. Good night!” Screamed Jones.

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