Twisted Minded One

Shoes chattered like they were people talking, five friends ran for their lives in the starry midnight sky. My fingers twisted and my body curled, red cherry blood pouring out of my eyes.

Rose's body collapsed on the dark concrete floor. Her hand screeched as it echoed on the ground and got dragged away in the middle of the night. Alek climbed on top of a tree and stared around looking for me like a tiger hunting for food. As her lips quivered she felt breathing on her neck. Screaming like a crow she was gone so as angel and Novana they both disappeared. Head in her hands and crying a river of tears Laylah ran away into a distance.

Then she stops with her head up like a lion she marches her way up to my face “I had enough with you Amaris …” her face pauses as she gets captured. Her last breath ended in the rusty potato sack. As the morning comes gore and bones on the black conglomerated floor in the midsection of St Clair.
But who did that?

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