The Footy Field

Hello, welcome to Buckington high. My name Hailey, Hailey Griffis. I will be giving you a tour of Buckington high. shall we?... In the hall we have a long corridor full of photos of the past. I don't know why but my dad wanted it there. "is your dad here" oh yeah sorry did I forget to mention my dad is the principal (ding ding) oh look its lunch wanna sit with us. "sure" what's your name? " my name is Mazie, Mazie Brooks." Oh wow nice name. well at lunch we normally walk around the school, wanna come. "sure, wait what's that. oh umm we don't mention that, its the footy field. ( the grass was all dead and rotten and no one has used it since 1946)"what is so scary about the footy field". well, legends say that in 1946 the year the school opened, Mr. Terrance (the principal) hosted a footy team. We were called the Mighty Buck's. we won every game and then it was time for the finally. We versed Mr. Terrance's brother and there team was called the Team Smasher's. In the Terrance's family everything was a competition, anyway back to the story. Our team was on 99 and so was there is we only had 2.48 minutes left. Mr. Terrance and his brother made a deal who ever one would take over the field and would own the school because Mr. Terrance’s brother was poor, so they made a deal. 3.. 2.. 1.. (beep) timer ended. They tied. But as you know everything was a competition, so they were not finished.” wait how do you know all that” well ill tell you when I am finished. After a few minutes of arguing (BANG)an earthquake approached the school, but it only affected the footy field, we still don't know why? "wow" then Mazie woke up from her dream and it is time to start her school, Buckington high.

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