Beating The Bullies

Beating the bullies

It was a sunny day when the Vervelles moved to New york. It was a new start, a new beginning away, from all of the trauma of the LA cities. Kirk was a small boy, big in brains and confidence but small in friends and athleticism. He was excited for a brand new day, new town, new city, and was ready to share his love of academics with the world. They unpacked their things and tried to settle into their new surroundings without thinking too much about Emerson. She had died a week before Kirk's birthday and he had been crushed. She was the only one that he looked up to in this world and she was gone. They ordered some take-out and Kirk went straight to sleep afterwards. They had driven 41 hours from their old home to their new one and only stopped for meals and toilet breaks and kirk needed to get all the sleep he could get, as he started his first day at a new school tomorrow morning…

The next morning Kirk got driven to school by his mother as she was on her way to her shift at the hospital and the school was only a slight detour. He went into class confidence on a high, and ready to jump right into a whole new world of education. When class started he was asked to come to the front and did so with a strided in his step. He told them all about himself and his life in LA, leaving out the fact that he used to have a sister before the accident. He told them all about how he had come 2nd place inthe science fair and that he used to go to the library almost every day after school and that is when things started to go downhill. The girls started whispering and they boys were snickering at him and shooting spitballs, thankfully the teacher saw who it was, Sam Stewarts. He was the biggest bully in the 5th grade and he doesn’t stop. Later that day at recess Sam and his gang came over to Kirk and started beating him up. He had to go to the nurses office and on the way there he landed in another one of Sam’s traps, a rope trip with an oil slide. Kirk slid all the way down the stairs and landed on his arm. He screamed in agony calling for help. The boys just laughed and laughed while the teacher on duty assisted Kirk. It was clear, His arm was broken.

For the next couple of days Kirk was in the hospital. He had broken his arm and it would be in a cast for 6 weeks. When he finally got back to school, he gave Sam a gift. Sam was startled and confused by this, but the only thing that Kirk was worried about was his sister's words. “No matter what happens next, do your best to be kind.”

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