Lilian And Tracey

Once upon a time, lived a little Seahorse called Lilian, she was shy and often calm. She is living at the bottom of the deep blue sea and it is located at the Great Barrier Reef. Her only friend was Kaylee the Little clownfish, but Kaylee soon moved away into another part of the ocean, leaving poor little Lilian with no friends.

One day, Lilian went to school and met a little narwhal called Tracey, they soon became good friends and when Lilian was going home one day, she found herself face to face with a shark! She quickly swam but it was no use. The shark was a lot faster than a seahorse, but at that time Tracey saw Lilian and quickly swam over and helped her, by putting her horn up to the shark and said fiercely “YOU NAUGHTY SHARK!, STAY AWAY FROM MY FRIEND OR ELSE I WILL POKE YOU!!!” The shark was so scared and swam away as fast as he could. Lilian said thankfully “Thank you, Tracey!” After that, they soon became best friends!

On a sunny and bright day, Lilian and Tracey went out for a play date! And they were taking selfies in the sea! It was so cool! Wanna see them, here they are: (sorry, picture went missing) that was Tracey! And this is me: (sorry, picture went missing) pretty cute right? I am sure a rainbow seahorse, yup that's me!

HEHE, find out more in the next book! Continue reading…….

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