The Flash

It was nighttime and I couldn’t sleep because I had a bad dream. It was so bad that I could not sleep. I came downstairs and got a glass of water.

Then it started to sprinkle so I decided to go out but an assassin came and took me. He put me in mutation and I felt something went in me, it felt like I got a superpower.

So I quickly jump. I escaped then I ran. I saw everyone so slow so I said “ hi ! ”but nobody replied. When I started walking everything became slower. Straight away I realised that I got speed power. I wanted to tell mum but I knew I had to keep it a secret or else everyone would know my secret. After a little while, I figured that I should be a superhero! l joined the justice league and they called me Flash.

I was surprised that my friend Superman was in the justice league. We went to the forest, suddenly my friend superman heard something and told me “We are being ambushed by ninjas’’, ‘We can fight them remember ?’’ I whispered. We saw green smoke rising out of nowhere and then quickly it was our most wanted criminal, Lex Luthor. We called the justice league but we got captured.

Luckily the justice league came and captured Lex Luther and his pesky little brats. We got extra credit for finding Lex Luther‘s secret lab. We were so happy we were saved from trouble, as I went back home and saw a big sign that said “Happy birthday Barry Allen”! I was surprised that nobody was there. Suddenly I saw everyone was happy, so happy. THE END

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