In the summer, Capri’s blue grotto shines like a woman's smile,
The caves hold a beauty like shimmering sapphires,
And slowly, canals ride it's maze; romance hangs in the air.
In the winter, The cities are covered with white snow,
Lights, burning fires, and festivities lighten the mood,
Don’t forget Christmas and the ethnic foods~.
In the spring, The Chianti Vineyards go on for miles with no end,
The grapes accompany the vines,
Almost ripe and ready to be beaten into wines.
In the day, The whiff of coffee floats through the streets as cafes are filled,
The lanes are busy with cars and the sidewalks are bustling with people,
Tourists rushing around trying to see everywhere and everything.
In the night, The city is alive, Ball Gowns and suits with roses,
Quiet laughter and drinking, Couples dancing,
Cameras capture black and white memories.

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