A hero is special,
Someone who is bound to succeed.
Whether that be in cleaning the dishes
Having a family.
Heroes are not always publicized
As we would think them to be
A gardener, a teacher, a priest
The list is limitless, boundless
As far as the naked eye can see.
A hero stands up for what his or her beliefs are,
Whether they be seen as right or wrong,
Never the less, my hero kept going on.
He strived until he could strive no more,
Fought till he could no longer stand
Ceased to nourish himself to prove his point
To make others simply believe.
He wanted a world deeply enveloped in love, peace and respect
He kept his values close, never faltering
right to his death.
With his last breathe, last glimpse and last heartbeat
The world witnessed a man of power.
Everyone mourned his horrendous demise
But we will all remember Ghandi the Great,
His love, his wisdom,
Nor will we ever forget those last words he gasped
“Hey Raam”.

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