Covid 19

When will we stop crying,
About life and dying,
Knowing there's and end,
Without a play, pause or restart button,
Knowing there's one chance, Even if something slips past,
Those crying in fear, Losing loved ones,
When shall the light open up to us, And help one in need,
Or will we continue being miserable, And living your life in hatred,
And fighting against the pain, Yet pretending your fine,
Isolated from humanity, Still knowing we may pass the end of the line,
Alongside warm smiles from others, Up until they turn there backs on us,
That cold feeling, Shall our soul surrender and beg out for mercy, And having this warmth and intensity wash over me,
Leaving it all behind, I beg for help,
And then I felt myself slipping away, It all left me,
Sitting alone in the darkness, I'll never forget the day people loomed over me crying,

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