Birth Of Frankenstein's Monster

Finalist in the 'Play On Words 2021' competition

A more tragic fated fault – an Achilles’ heel – than this never has existed,
The seemingly innocent pursuit of knowledge twirled, turned and twisted,
This world is rife with betrayal and sin, the ambition of man never so pure,
What ease for the maker to abandon its own creation, its child, in such abhor?
Is it the fault of the creature to be made in their image then named monstrous?
Is the basic want to live, to learn, to love with kin, so preposterous?
This creature of unwilling solitude awoke alone, shrugging off his daze,
Opening gold eyes so bright– let there be light – Apollo would avert his gaze,
These eyes, glance around in confusion, unable to comprehend the world,
Sight, scent, sound, taste, touch; all so strong his body remains curled,
Without even the words to cry out, “Where am I? Why am I here?”
Only seconds into life, taken scant few breaths, but all he knows is fear.
Empty, his hand reaches out for something that he doesn’t know – his maker.
Grasping fingers, clawing nails, blind eyes anxiously seek their creator.
He is stitched together from castaway parts, built of flesh and bone,
But so monstrous in humanity’s eyes, that he is cursed to be alone.


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