Hallway Of Words

I opened the door and was knocked down by the wind. Once I regained my footing, I finally saw what world was hidden from me. Behind the door were mountains that reached the sky and levelled out, leaving the perfect place to lie down and watch the clouds, and stargaze through the night. There was a small lake, filled with crystal clear water, surrounded by white sand, and glistening in the sun. There were trees and bushes full of fruits, berries and oranges and apples. There was lush green grass over every inch of the ground, only being interrupted by rocks and trees. Bunnies were hopping back and forth, around the lake, and eating whatever berries had fallen to the ground. There were deer, frolicking around, drinking and sleeping. This place seemed so peaceful, so perfect, so hidden. This world stayed hidden away from the world, all the wonderful perfection being kept from the world, to protect this paradise. I slowly took a step in, wanting to do nothing more than live in this wonderful world.
But the second my foot met the grass, everything changed. The grass wilted, turning brown, to grey, and eventually turning to dust. The animals ran, but as the plague-like death washed past them, they fell, and their skin slowly dissolved, layer by layer, until only their bones remained. The lake's water fogged, the sand darkening. Mist passed over the lake, and when it left there was no water. The mountains seemed to crumble, causing a slight earthquake to shake me. I lost my footing, slowly falling to the ground.
The world was slowly falling apart because of my touch. No wonder this world was hidden because the human touch is what kills this world. How long would it take for this world to rebuild itself? Days? Weeks? Months? Years? I'll never know. I guess I should leave then, let this world regrow. So I stand up, bow, and leave. Whilst I close the door, I say a quiet sorry, apologizing for killing the ever so luscious world. I step away and look down the hall.
"I wonder what the rest of you are like?" I say, stepping away and heading to the next door. I wonder what this one will hold.
As I open the door, I realise just how adventurous I will have to be to get through every one of these doors. The world I see when I open the next door is dripping wet. A drop of some fluid drops at my feet, slowly solidifying after making contact with the floor. I look to the roof, seeing nothing but stalactites covered in green, blue, red and yellow slug-like creatures sliming all over them.
I jumped out of the way as another drop fell in front of me. I didn't know what they were or what they were dripping with but I didn't want it to touch me. I sighed. This job may not have been the best choice.


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