"I'm running as fast as I can!" I scream to my friends as two men run down the street after us. "Come here!" I hear someone say into my ear. I look behind me and one of the guys had caught up and flung his hand out to grab me. I scream in shock and run faster than I have ever before.
How did I get myself into this position? Well, it's a long story but I'll just skip to the exciting part. My friend handed me a rock and I threw it at a window to distract them. I never thought it would lead us to this. But let me get one thing straight, I am not crazy (I mean I kinda am), but I was saving a friend from death. I mean what would you do if someone was holding a gun against your friend's head?! So back to where we started.
I speed up and reach my friends. Suddenly I trip over my shoelaces and pain strikes my body as I quickly jump back up and run for my life. Bullets fly past my head. "What the hell?!" I scream as I look back and one of the guys has pulled out a gun from his jacket. Still running I close my eyes and take some deep breaths (not that it will help me in this situation), but when I open my eyes I see secret escapes and passages. "At the roundabout turn right!" I scream and soon enough we all turn right. The guys were still around the corner. "Jump into the wall!" I scream to my friends. "What the hell?" Screams everyone at the same time. "Just trust me." Everyone jumps towards the barricade separating where we were and an intergalactic space continuum which would teleport us into a new location on earth. I watch my friends shield themselves. As if it would hurt to run into a wall? Once I saw them all disappear into the old stone barrier I knew they were safe.
I jump towards the wall as well and go straight through. I can't see my friends anywhere, they must have made it. But where am I? I look around and then feel myself falling. I instantly look down and there is nothing underneath me!


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