We were called in for reinforcements as our ship glided down onto the almost destroyed city. We loaded our weapons and looked around we saw the city was nearly gone. There was a big gun and there were lots of shoots being fired. We saw a ramp so we ran down it. There was a voice that said he got hit down as soon as we hit the ground it was a voice in my helmet. Who’s in charge now? Captain Brad is pined down at front I’ll show you come on follow me! Hey Marine is it clear to move out BAM! You tell me. Move out covering fire now! BAM! BAM! BAM! You have to take out that big gun on top of the building I will call for a bomber BAM here take my weapons just cover me! I killed them all so we ran down across the road. We were being fired at I said “Go when they reload GO! GO! GO!”we got them all down. Lots of aliens were firing at us but a car with a gun on top of it ran them over the driver said, “ Hop in we need a gunner” so I hoped in there were three phantoms I shoot two down the third one when under ground but it came out and we got it. The aliens jumped on the car Roots the driver got hit off. Ghosts to your right I jumped on one and kicked off the diver I went to the freeway the door were closing and I had aliens following me. I bobbed down and got thought my metal suit was grinding a long the ground the aliens that were following crashed they sent aliens down in capsules I got a bomb out and killed them but I know that was the end of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!


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