Jack’s Adventure

One day there was a girl named Milly who had a dog called Jack.
One afternoon Milly forgot to close the gate, so Jack escaped and that night Jack was wandering through the street. He was scared and didn’t know which way was home.
He walked along the footpath and came upon a bird “What’s your name?” said Jack. “My name is Molly,'' said the bird. “Can you help me get back home?” asked Jack. “Sure” replied Molly.
So Jack and Molly started looking for Jack’s home but while they were walking Jack and Molly came upon a snake. “What’s your name?'' asked Molly and Jack. “My name is Sssssuzy'' whispered the snake. “Can you help me get back home?” asked Jack. “Okay” agreed Suzy. So Jack, Molly and Suzy went to go find some shelter because it was getting dark and started to rain.
That night all three new friends collected logs, grass and wood. They started building their shelter but while they were building a kookaburra came along. “What is your name?” wondered Jack. “My name is Kenny,” laughed the kookaburra. Kenny started helping the others build shelter.
Finally, they finished their shelter. They were so tired, so they went to sleep.
The next day Jack, Molly, Suzy and Kenny went to go find some wood to make fire while they were searching for wood they came upon a cat. “What is your name?” questioned Jack “My name is Lilly'' meowed the cat. “Can you help me get back home?” asked Jack. “Okay” purred Lilly. Lilly started helping the other’s look for wood and sticks.
After a while they had enough wood and sticks to make fire, which kept them warm. The next morning Jack, Molly, Suzy, Kenny and Lilly all went to look for Jack’s home. “What does your house look like?” asked Kenny. Jack replied, “My house has a blue roof and a yellow door”. “That’s great,” yelled Suzy. “Now we know what we’re looking for”. Shouted Lilly. They continued their adventure.
Finally, they came upon a row of houses but two of them had a blue roof and a yellow door. “Jack, what number do you have on your letterbox?” tweeted Molly. Jack replied with, “I think it has three numbers and includes the numbers 1 and 7, I can’t remember the last number,” cried Jack. “That’s ok Jack” hissed Suzy. “We can work it out together”.
“The first house has a 1, 3 and another 3.” said Kenny. “And the second house has a 1, 7 and a 5.” said Lilly.
Jack yelled with excitement “I know what house it is, follow me”. So, Jack’s new friends followed him and went to the second house that had the number 175. “This is my home, we found it, we found it” squealed Jack. Jack started barking and barking and finally Milly answered the door. “Mum, Jack is back” yelled Milly. Milly let all the animals in, gave them food, water and tucked them all into bed after their big adventure.


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