"3, 2, 1, Blast off!". The Robotic engine called for the count-down to go into space. It was to explore the galaxy. My hands were sweaty, my face looked up and soon enough I was going into space. The black galaxy was quiet, as if nothing was there, you could only see the stars and stars that became planets, when you get closer. I saw Mars, Jupiter, A planet called Saccade, Mercury, Saturn, the sun, last of all my home. My home Earth. I wasn't paying attention when a huge black and grey meteor struck my ship! As I quickly hopped out of my spaceship the meteor hit and wrecked my ship. I tried to get some air sadly, there wasn't enough air! There was only enough air for 2 minutes! I had to jump out and rush to a planet that had air! I could just go to the closest planet, that was it! So, I was swimming in the galaxy and got to Saccade. The problem was I had to face gravity. I never realised that this planet had so much gravity i was so scared I screamed. Ahhhhhh! I fainted just before falling on a very peculiar soft cloud.

I woke up hearing the words "are you okay?" I opened my eyes and saw a green dragon with glasses. "Whoooooo aaareee youuuu?" I said shivering with fear. "I'm Taya and he's Baillie". "I'm Maria" I said. They settled me down in their house with a cup of tea. The house was very fashionable and had a lot of pictures from their lives, it told the past and the future. They explained everything that happened there in the clouds and on the land. From the very beginning of time.

Bailie whispered in my ear “The dragons and the trolls don’t like one another, as a long time ago the trolls made a spell to make them always stay on the clouds, and the dragons have no way to reverse the spell.

A long time ago we made a plan to trick the trolls by making a portal with galactic rocks. We then threw our self-portraits from our home into the portal. Our plan worked, the trolls thought we had escaped into the portal, and that they had the land to themselves. We began to be so quiet, and have had to be in hiding ever since.

A little later as I was walking to the door to go outside their house, just as I stepped outside the door I remembered that they lived on top of the clouds. Baylie quickly grabbed my arm just before I fell one hundred feet and quickly pushed me to hide behind another house. Just as we hid, I saw a horny beast with green and black speckled skin. It's eyes were torturing me as if he could see me. "What did you do?" Whispered Baylie. "The trolls will soon realise that we are here!".


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