Lady Lye

Diary Entry: 24/06/2005
‘The rain down poured outside my house. Hellish rumbles made the walls tremble. It was a never-ending cycle of blinding bolts and threatening thunderclouds. Swelling puddles of water flooded the driveway as I stared out the window. Is there something I was supposed to do? Subconsciously something nagged in the back of my mind, but I couldn’t recall what.
Begrudgingly, the cleaning resumed, as the curry packet sitting in the microwave, sizzling away, was drowned out by the howling outside. Oblivious to the tarp being caught up in the wind, it revealed what laid beneath. Delightfully, I smiled at the thing lying silently there. Yes, that’s what I’d forgotten, the body under that blue cover in my backyard.
Now, where to dispose of it began to occupy my thoughts. Unless I do it the way I’ve always done it, using lye, it would be very difficult to find another solution. Maybe just dumping the body in lake a couple miles away would solve things. But dumping his body there, the fishermen would easily discover it. Even if procuring lye was possible, this cyclone would be the worst situation to even attempt to dump the remains. Reckless actions would mean getting caught by those awfully nosy Detective’s, though this isn’t the first nor the last serial killing they’ll have to investigate, but that body comes first, that rotten smell is starting to burn my nose.
Seeing as they immensely lack the evidence to even suspect me, I could satisfy this hunger for death a little more before they catch on. Either way, the chances of them figuring me out is slim-to-none. Various prior remains, that hadn’t melted properly in the lye cask, had been found, but were too unrecognizable for human DNA to even be recovered. Even, I don’t think I’ll ever be caught. Now, only to contact my supplier and find somewhere to dump this poor boy...’
“Do you seen anything relating to previous Lady Lye murders at all, Briggins?” Naturally, the question left the Detective’s mouth despite already knowing that his partner was more clueless than a pirate wearing two eye patches, when he hadn’t had his morning cup of coffee.
Squinting his eyes to the point of them nearly closing, certain letters caught his eyes. With a marker in one hand and the other shoving the Detective out of the way he started circling the first letter of each sentence. Though deprived of caffeine – the usually mindless, incapable Briggins – had found the evidence that could ultimately win them the case. They now had proof beyond a reasonable doubt, that the woman in their interrogation room was none other than the infamous Lady Lye.
The secret message left in the diary entry gave them all the evidence they needed:
Even with all this evidence it felt too easy, and the way Briggins stomach churned at the smile on her face... ‘This isn’t the end.’

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