Finalist in the 'Play On Words 2021' competition

I spread across endless hills of soft grass. The cool wind whispers to the trees, sharing their secrets. The moon gazes at me, shining with her soft glow. Stars shimmer as much as they can to make a dazzling light show.
The sun wakes from slumber and kisses light into the world. Dawn runs across the land, displaying shades of blue and purple. Misty clouds, with the help of light, partnered to make dawn perfect. Flowers blossom, animals big and small roam the Earth, and day arrives.
He whispers life to wake up, trees to stand tall and adds greenery across the land. Day makes seeds sprout, babies to be born and mothers nourish their young.
Wind softly dances with clouds across the sky. Cloud gently sprinkles water as she waltzes over the land, indiscriminately granting life on Earth. Earth thanks everyone and promises that he will share the land and punish us when we misbehave. Sunsets burst into pinks, yellows, oranges and reds.
Moon shines again and life goes to sleep. Darkness stretches across the land as the moon shines bright. Everyone who helped make this wonderful world said to life “Sleep, my darling. Wake up when light shines.”



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