Excellence Award in the 'Play On Words 2021' competition

Fire crackling, fire growing, fire glowing
In the blood red-orange summer sky
Fire snickered, fire flickered, a candle alight.
Screams echoed, screams faded
Fire raged with anger getting bigger and bigger
The borders were raging, no way to get out or to get in
Through the blood red orange wall
Shattered hearts, broken bones,
Torn down houses as well as their souls
Burning ashes, embers alight so we don’t forget that unforgettable night
Avalanches of smoke rushing down to the ground where once laid a happy town
Now, no life to be found from the sky to the ground
Tears falling, sirens calling, fire prancing away at the end of the story
Their hearts came to glory
For the earth’s children sprouted again as the embers flew away


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