Quickly's Adventure

Finalist in the 'Play On Words 2021' competition

One early morning in the big wide blue ocean, a light grey dolphin named Quickly was having fun in the warm clear salty water. He could swim fast because of his slippery smooth body. Quickly lived in the deep ocean with his family. He enjoyed spending his days chasing the small fish around the ocean and playing hide and seek with his friends.
Later that morning Quickly decided to go on an adventure and look for a new hiding spot. After playing for a while he found himself in a dark tunnel. He thought it would be a great hiding spot but he soon realised he was alone and lost. Quickly began to panic and searched for a way out. Boom! Bash! Bang! Quickly could not find his way out of the dark tunnel, when all of a sudden he remembered he has special powers, he can see with sound. Quickly began to use his sonar and clicked loudly and quickly. He immediately found his way out.
Quickly happily swam towards the way out and began his journey home but without warning a shark bolted towards Quickly the dolphin! He was getting chased all over the massive ocean. All of a sudden Quickly went so fast that the Shark got stuck in the whirlpool he created.
Finally, Quickly was able to swim away swiftly. Cleverly he used his sonar to find his family and he heard his mum calling him to come home. Quickly swam as quick as a flash all the way home into her safe fins.



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