A Beach Tragedy

Molly is a nipper and she usually does Nippers today but it got called off today because of some really heavy rain last night. Instead, Molly decided to go for a walk on the beach.
No one was relaxing on the beach, not even a lifeguard was supervising. She was about to turn around and go home, when she saw a beautiful beach towel, 2 pairs of beach sandals and an umbrella but nobody was there. Molly apprehensively thought to herself I wonder where they could be. She looked around the completely empty, never ending beach, there was no one to be seen. The only other place they could be is the dark blue ocean.
Oh Oh! The wind was picking up and Molly frantically wanted to find the people. She peered anxiously out into the intense and extremely choppy sea. She searched all down the beach into the ocean but there was no one out there. Molly's hope started to crumble away.
A few minutes later Molly was shocked when she saw something bobbing up and down through the wave. She couldn't quite make out what it was. She glanced down and then looked back up with a shocked face. Molly nervously peered closer, it was a person's hand. Not knowing what would happen next Molly raced into the water to attempt saving this person. With her incredible nipper skills, she swam as fast as she could to rescue this person, as Molly got closer she realised that the little girl was caught in a rip. This was getting fierce, Molly hurried as she noticed there was actually 2 girls. Molly approached the pair and gripped on to them as tight as she could. She began to swim back to shore with the 2 kids on her back. In the distance she could see her mum searching for her. As she got to shore her mum ran to her very surprised. "Mum!" Molly yelled. "Molly!" mum cried.
Before Molly went with her mum she asked what their names were and if they were ok. Even though the girls were struggling to breath and were freezing cold, they still replied and said "we're ok and thank you so much for saving our lives!!! Molly invited the girls over to her house to get into some dry clothes and have some afternoon tea.
This afternoon's experience has made Molly decide that she wants to be a professional lifeguard.


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