Halloween Pigs

Once upon a time, there were two guinea pigs called Bruno and Scotch. “It’s Halloween, I can’t wait,” cried Scotch. Bruno and Scotch were going trick or treating. “Come on Bruno!” said Scotch. “Let’s go to this house.” They knocked on the door and said, “Trick or treat?” There was a witch at the door, “Only treats” said the witch wickedly. First, Scotch tried one of the lollies from the witch. “It tastes kind of weird,” said Scotch. Before he could move, Scotch was turning into a round, fat, orange circle. “Scotch! You’re a pumpkin.” “No, I’m not,” said Scotch. “Yes you are,” said Bruno. “Do you think it has anything to do with that witch?” asked Bruno. “Of course, let’s go ask,” said Scotch. “Hey witch! Did you turn my friend into a pumpkin?” “Okay, I did it,” said the witch. “But why?” asked Bruno. “I just wanted more decorations,” said the witch. “Magic me back,” said Scotch. “I’m afraid I can’t,” said the witch. “But I can tell you the ingredients. You will need: one litre of unicorn wee, loganberry juice and mushed up eyeballs,” said the witch.
Bruno needed to go and save Scotch now! “Oh, and by the way” said the witch “if you don’t come back before sunrise, Scotch will be a pumpkin forever!” “I need to go, bye Scotch” said Bruno, and he set off to get his first ingredient, unicorn wee. “I will have to go to the other side of the country,” Bruno said to himself. Bruno remembered that his friend had a big hot air balloon, maybe he could use that? He got the hot air balloon and flew very fast and super-dooper high up into the sky, keeping his eyes peeled so he could spot where the unicorns were. He saw them! Bruno flew down to the ground and collected the unicorn wee.
Next, he had to get the loganberry juice. Bruno knew where that was because he had been there before. He flew off to a gigantic tree covered in loganberries, picked them until he had enough and squished the juice out of them into a cup before taking the hot air balloon... up... up into the sky.
The last thing Bruno had to get was mushed up eyeballs. He needed to find a big cave that had four trees around it. Bruno saw the perfect cave. He got down and went into it. Bruno smelt something yucky, it was mushed up eyeballs. He quickly grabbed some because it was almost sunrise.
He ran back to the hot air balloon and quickly flew back to the witch’s house. Bruno gave the witch the ingredients to stir up in her cauldron. When it was all mixed, the witch rubbed the medicine on Scotch’s legs. Suddenly, Scotch the pumpkin was turning back into Scotch the guinea pig. The witch said that she would never turn anyone into a pumpkin ever again, and they all had a big Halloween party to celebrate.


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