The Universe Said

Finalist in the 'Play On Words 2021' competition

Day, his golden flowing hair and bright glowing smile covers the world
His joy was radiant as the Sun, his eyes a shimmering blue, but he felt alone
Night, her dress flows across the sky, small white sequins like pinpricks
Eyes black, lips dark, hair long, falling in delicate curls on her shoulders
The night met the day, true love at first sight, each completing the other
They danced harmoniously across the sky, drifting through the clouds
When on our world, they frolic through fields of tall, thin grass, smiling
They weave flower crowns and watch the sky as birds sing sweet songs
One day the darkness on Earth grew shorter and the queen of night disappeared
The prince of day was lost without his love, searching tirelessly for her
He searched the universe, racing across the sky like a shooting star,
He longs to be united with his queen once more, to bring back the time of night
The queen of night weeps erratically, raining her sorrows on the Earth
Her emotions flow uncontrollably, lost without the key to leave the torment
The prince promised to bring her home, return the balance of light and dark
Because the universe smiled upon them, the universe said; “I love you”


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