Finalist in the 'Play On Words 2021' competition

If ever a soul were to learn the old stories,
Tales of human vs demon fighting for glory,
A theme would soon be to grow,
Once such an unbenevolent foe,
That the witch is merely a human but smarter,
Learning the secretive tricks of the forests much faster,
For amongst those times, when the "good" people'd maim,
Difference was danger and always to blame,
For deep in all's bones, we left fear to monger,
but claiming, "We are no longer beasts with selfish ponder!"
We lied. To ourselves and the rest,
We are no angels, we are deathly a pest,
Stupid and greedily believing we're mages,
But in truth, just a shiny bird too trapped to see the bars of it's cages,
Though, the bright could still break the grey, if only we heed this one phrase I say,
Difference makes difference, so who wants to be normal anyway?



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