Secrets A Book Holds

Finalist in the 'Play On Words 2021' competition

“Dong, dong, dong...!” the faded ring of the ancient grandfather clock struck midnight. The ghostly dark was silent except for our greatest fear. Alex, Clover and I wearily dragged our feet out under the swaying arms of the mysterious forest and listened to the crisp crunches every time our feet made contact with the thick golden layer of the path. The unknown haunted us and left us in desolation, it was time to get an answer but behind our long-lasting ambition as an ardent team, great trepidation was eating us up. We let out a unified gasp of terror, in front of my eyes, was a horror movie.
Under the dim moonlight, spider webs masked the conspicuous house. Creeeeaak! The splintered wooden door gradually opened to reveal a dusty spiral staircase. “Hello? Anyone here?” I asked but the only reply was the hollow echoes of my voice. After the first flight of stairs were numerous tall wooden doors faded in colour, all but one was locked, the library.
Rapid fluttering circled me as if I were its prey. To my relief, it decelerated eventually but as it jolted to a stop, I was paralysed. “Greetings my friends, what a pleasure to meet you today, on the... 29th of September 1998!” a posh voice greeted us.
“It’s the 8th of August 2018.” corrected Alex dully, still unaffected by the strange events.
“Very well. Let me introduce myself, I’m the Book of Truth, call me Truth. I know everything that happened around here until... well, 29th of September 1998 and I’m ready to help you.” the pages flapped. Snapping into attention, Clover gushed “Great, where are our parents? They’re...” Truth cut her off, “Emily and Michael, correct? Listen, you may provide three questions but I can only give you clues, if you ask me more than that in one hour, I will burn to death. That’s all I have to say, best of luck.”
Clover suddenly cried, “I’ve got it! Truth said he only knew things until the 29th of September 1998 yet, he knew our parents’ names who only disappeared in 2014, maybe this is a clue.” Truth told us about our parents’ mission which began in 1998. They were the only ones to survive. With our last questions, we learnt that they were somewhere in this house in an unlocked room and trapped in an item, living in an alternate world. Most likely confined in this library.
“You may give me another three questions again.” Truth repeated as we frantically searched the room. “We checked all the books!” Clover whined. “Have you?” the voice trailed off with a thud as it hit the ground, realisation flooded to me. Flipping through the pages carefully, we saw the movement of familiar faces. “Mum! Dad!” we shrieked, suddenly I was buried in a safe hug, our family reunited at last. Everything was so clear now, looking over the now lifeless book, I whisper “Thank you, for what you did.”


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