Aeolus And The Chamber Of The Dead

Finalist in the 'Play On Words 2021' competition

As the pernicious touch of Thanatos tore through the once wondrous city of Athens, sparing only a handful of souls, grief choked young, foolish, grief-stricken Aeolus and out of pure agony, Aeolus hatched a devious plan...
After manipulating the gullible and avaricious Charon with a sack of golden Drachmas, Aeolus was on his frightening ferry, travelling across one of the most dangerous rivers in all of Greece, River Styx. Unfortunately, there was still one colossal roadblock to his furious revenge. Teeth as sharp as daggers, its eyes were a raging inferno, locked on to its next victim. The infamous Cerberus. A wise owl, Aeolus threw his father’s dead corpse at Cerberus, which deceived the vicious beast long enough for Aeolus to sneak past into the horrifying Hades. Scampering through the fields of Asphodel, past the Judgement Pavilion like a mouse, Aeolus released the innumerable dead souls from the Fields of Punishment. A sinister snake, he slinked through the underworld, but didn’t achieve his final goal before encountering the almighty, calamitous god of the dead.
With obsidian black walls covered in pictures of the horrors, burning malicious memories into your skull, Hades’ palace was a nightmare. Fortunately for Aeolus, Hades took pity on him and gave him a single quest. But cruel as a witch, he tasked him of navigating through the dead, a deadly labyrinth full of Hades’ most infamous skeleton warriors and a sinister secret at the heart of it. As despair gradually weighed down on Aeolus like a colossal boulder, a milky, scintillating light shone from the cerulean sky and a majestic creature dived down from the heavens. Whoosh!
Sturdy talons, robust legs, and the sharpest vision in all of Greece, the impressive, indomitable Griffin arrived. Aeolus climbed up the back of the Griffin and effortlessly glided through the cruel, cramped chamber, pummeling the skeleton warriors of Hades and into the heart of the chamber, ready to save his father’s precious soul.
With piercing crimson eyes, the ability to breathe fire hotter than Apollo’s chariot, Aeolus found himself staring right into the eyes of a Chimera, the deadliest creature in all of Greece. Aeolus braced himself and steered the Griffin into the heart of the Chimera, thrashing the monster and splattering jet-black blood on the gilded, obsidian pillars. Once the dust had settled, the robust Griffin had come out on top. It soared back into the heavens, while on the other hand, Aeolus became a servant of Hades for one month every year all because of a piece of fruit.


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