Abducted By The Sea

“God, I hate this mission,”whispered Alistir as he gazed outside the porthole. The disc-shaped ship was rocked by the powerful waves and the samples of collected fish lay unattended on the lab tables. As Alistir was staring at the droplets left by the ocean waves, he started to reminisce about his home planet. The shiny fields covered by colourful rock and his friends playing on the dirt.


Alistir suddenly heard a loud metal creak and the sound of glacial water entering through the portholes in one of the crew quarters. The blue water quickly fills up the bottom floors. Alistir, curious of the unknown liquid, dipped his feet in the water. “SHHHH!” The arctic water slowly froze Alistir’s hand, but luckily he snatched it out in time. Scarred by the chilly water, Alistir helplessly watched his fellow crewmates enter the emergency compartments without him. As the last pods flew away to the nearest shore, Alistir looked outside the nearly-shattered porthole to see a rogue wave pass by the exploration ship. The wave was carrying some metal debris with its icy water.

Panting, Alistir limped to the lab desperately as the crew quarters became overflowed. He sat on a specimen-inspection table when a large floating device caught his eye. It was bright red, yellow and contained a small antenna on it. A cracked porthole indicated the device was thrown out violently after the rogue wave. The device was floating solely in the middle of the dark, blue ocean and an empty void beneath it.

Alistir was quickly trying to find something that could help him get out of this predicament and the device seemed like the saviour. He took a deep breath and slowly subjected himself to the freezing arctic water, Alistir felt a burning sensation shiver through him. The burning feeling then lessened, Alistir swam through the porthole into the arctic ocean. The strong currents challenged his strength and the waves pushed him side-to-side.

SNATCH! Alistir finally grabs the device’s handles tightly as he struggled to fight the ongoing waves. Finally, Alistir swam through the broken porthole into the lab. Curiously, he opens it only to find a rubber button placed on it. BAAP! Alistir smashes the button with his thumb, to his disappointment, the device didn’t emit anything. No beeping, no flashing. Alistir, grunting, threw the transmitter aside into the water, seemingly knowing all hope is lost.

Until, Alistir spotted some movement outside the sinking ship. The shadows loomed to the lab’s entrance and the splashing of somebody swimming. As the rescuers swam into the lab, Alistir quickly rushed towards them in happiness. “We were fishing for trout when we received a distress signal from some ship between the arctic glaciers, was it you who transmitted the signal?” Asked one of the fishermen. “Yes, and I’ve been waiting for ages watching that water rise up slowly,” replied Alistir as he swam on to the fishing trawler. He then realised that having someone around him is better than having no one around him.


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