Long ago in a small town Woodfern , there lived a girl named Hania . She was a kind girl. She used to go school by walk as it was ten minutes away from her home . One day like usual as she was walking to school she saw 2 boys from her school trying to bully another boy younger than them across the street . As she saw that they took his bag and pushed him.She thought to help the boy but was scared of those big boys. So, she went to school.As she was kind person, the whole day she couldn’t concentrate on her studies and was very quiet . Even she didn’t play with her friends that day during the break . She was very sad that she didn’t do anything for that boy and kept thinking about him. The next day when she was walking to school she saw those same boys were bullying some other boy . They were taking the things from his school bag . She thought that today she will definitely help this boy . She went to those boys and asked them to give the school bag back to him and told them that it’s not kind and right to trouble others . But those boys replied “ it’s nothing , we are just having some fun here “ . They asked her to mind her own business and go . But Hania was a kind hearted girl and she knew it was not right . So , she told those boys that “Bullying is not fun. it’s wrong .By bullying some one , you hurt their feelings and self esteem.” But those boys didn’t care what she said and asked her to go from there. But this time she didn’t let the little boy stay with them and asked him to walk with her to school . So, they don’t bully him any more .This time Hania decided that she would stop this bullying and as she get school she went to her teacher and told her about the whole situation . She also knew which class those boys were in as she saw them in her school during assemblies . She also mentioned that she saw those same boys were teasing another boy the other day but she was scared as they were bigger boys than her so she didn’t know what she should do “.Teacher not only listened the whole story but also appreciated Hania for being so brave, and helped that boy and shared it with teacher. The teacher took the matter to the principal and she expelled both of them for disrespectful behaviour and bullying “. Next day when Hania came to school.She was so happy to see a big banner at school that said“ SAY NO TO BULLYING”. Her class teacher made her class monitor for her good behaviour and good grades . Hania couldn’t be happier… The End

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