New World

14th August, 1987
An elegant, glowing crescent, engraved in the pitch-black sky.
It’s a sight to behold, one of the rare times the moon is as thin as the string on my pendant. I sighed, staring aimlessly into it’s perfect figure, admiring it’s intriguing presence. The jagged, cutting edges of the cliff gaped into the endless pitch below. I always wondered what was lurking down there; People? Animals? Who knew? I looked longingly at my pendant wishing mother was here, instead of having to look at a lifeless picture. With one last look at the stars, whatever one mother was, I retreated back into the dense jungle and back to our little country town-house.
14th August, 1997
Things are changing now, I thought to myself. There’s new ‘technology’ popping up everywhere! It’s all over the newspaper. Since I’m starting college soon, I’m thinking to start a career as a botanist; It would be amazing to discover what new beautiful trees and plants are out there. I smiled as I looked at the moon; it hasn’t changed one bit since 10 years ago. And neither has the trench; full of mysteries I ought to discover, maybe as a botanist. I waved mother goodbye, the brightest star in the whole galaxy above, and dashed back to home for supper; and to finalise that school project of course.
14th August, 2007
A big change since I was a little boy. You know? Running around the fields with the cows and sheep eh? What beautiful memories. But now it’s the new world. The whole countryside has become the centre of a bustling city in America, and now I’m a grown man, with a whole job as CEO of one of the major botanical research industries in the country! Well, I’m sure glad that investment went to a good cause. But even will all of this luxury, I miss how the sky was so colourful before, and how the air was so refreshing; even the moon seems dull nowadays. I grinned. But mothers star is still bright as ever after all these years. I turned and strode back to my apartment through the ancient palms and orchids of the forest.
14th August, 2017
The excavation had just finished. Nothing feels the same anymore. All the jungle is gone, it’s just a barren piece of land that’ll be covered by buildings and roads from now on. The moon is shrouded by the choking smoke and fog, and so is the rest of the night sky. Yes, I discovered a whole genus of flower that could change the world, I’m all over headlines, I have everything I ever wanted. But.....but i just can’t help but feel guilty; I couldn't do anything to stop all these years worth of vegetation growth just vanish. I couldn't do anything to stop all this suffocating air overrun this once majestic place. I sighed, drained of everything i ever loved, staring into the darkness. Mother's still shone as bright as the moon itself.
"I have to do something"

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