Leaving A Mark

Fredrick could not believe that today was the day his R/C car would come.He was prancing around with joy. Fredrick' s dad was tired but still ready to try out the new R/C car. Outside it had just rained, meaning there were heaps of puddles to drive through. The sun shone brightly and even though Fredrick was inside it almost dazzled him.
''Oh my gosh there are so many puddles'' exclaimed Fredrick joyfully, his voice bursting with happiness.
Fredrick 's R/C car arrived at noon and he raced to get it from the mailman. He snatched it from the mailman 's hands with a quick
'' Thank you '' before closing the door and proceeding to unwrap his present. Once that was done, he and his dad hopped in their car and took the R/C car with them to test it out on the newly formed puddles.
After some time of gracefully drifting through puddles, Fredrick noticed that each time the R/C car went through a puddle it left a tread mark. Eventually Fredrick asked his dad : '' Do us humans leave marks? " Fredrick asked, his voice having a bucket load of curiosity and interest.
To this Fredrick 's dad replied :" Well son, our lives and decisions always have a way of leaving a mark. But these "marks" are invisible to us and they are all different. Some marks are good others could be bad or dull. But remember this, wherever you go you are sure to leave an (invisible) mark."
Fredrick continued driving his R/C car looking closely behind him to see if he was leaving any shoe marks. His dad could not help but giggle at how funny and curious his son was. He was also proud that his son now knew what leaving a mark really meant.


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