I felt like I was being sucked into a dark cave with no way out. My insides were squirming with emotions and my hair was like a bird's nest. Still, I stayed there alone in the darkness trapped inside my head. Hot tears eventually trickled down my face. I looked at the mirror opposite me seeing the reflection on myself. I looked atrocious but I did not care as no one cared about me. The tears traveled down and so did my eyes now looking at my grey boring carpet saturated with tears. A card layed down near me it must have fallen off my chest of draws. It was from her a few years ago. My fingertips touched the paper of the card slowly smelling the lavender scent of mum as I turned the flower print cover open to read the card. I shuffled a bit making sure my tears would not wash away the precious words that mum had left for me and so I read.

“Dear Ella,

Happy Birthday!

Things have been so hard for us as a family and I just want to tell you this:
Words are unforgettable and can change someone’s life forever. They have noble power to break people apart and bring them back together. All that you need to do is to choose your words wisely. I know from experience that the words that you choose can be much more powerful than if you physically hurt someone but what it does to someone can just make them crumble.


P. S
I love you and don’t ever let the words get the best of you my sweetheart “

I stared at the card in horror. My heart stopped for a beat. I had disappointed mum and she was the only reason I kept on going. A few tears dropped rolled down my cheek and lay on the card melting the ink of the writing. I sat in deep thought for a while until my brain had finally processed this with one big question. Everyone has a voice even if it’s a whisper the words can still be heard but what if the voice is drowned by someone else? What do I do next Mum I’ve let dad’s drunk words get the best of me?

No response came from anywhere just the sound of light rain dancing outside my window.


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