Nature Comes Where No One Goes

Finalist in the 'Play On Words 2021' competition

Darkness swirled in a mist of grey, black silhouettes begging it to go away,
The cries, the tears and the hurt, everything in sight is utterly burnt,
Nature comes, where no one goes.
The days go on, endless as it seems, the days that were, now just mere dreams,
The world is watching on their toes, but the Aussie fire just grows and grows.
Silhouettes who never tire, pouring blue drops onto the merciless fire,
The grey, dismal, swirling smoke, it surrounded our lives and made us choke.
33 people, whisked away, never to return, not to stay,
Rage and anger spiralled on the news, as we sat in silence among the grey hues.
Over a billion animals diminished, suffering beings gone, perished,
Everyone tried to give them a hand, but it was too much for the animals on land.
As a 13 yr old girl I have lived through, what seemed a fantasy, just not true,
The black and the red hues, still choke us and hurt like a long lasting bruise,
This is our planet, this is our place, come and join the climate race,
There’s just so much that the world can do, but it really all comes down to YOU,
Nature comes where no one goes.


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